Wind Power

Solutions for Wind Turbine Pitch System

Servo Driver

  • Developed specially for turbine pitch applications, combining control and driver functions in one.
  • Has abundant I/Os to satisfy the control requirements for megawatt-level turbine generator pitch systems.
  • Compact and flexible to install, highly reliable, and able to adapt to adverse conditions in the rotating hub.
  • Has auto failure diagnosis functions.

Pitch Motors

  • AC induction motor where different power levels can be chosen.
  • Automatic execution of safety feathering.
  • Comes with heating and cooling functions suitable for adverse conditions in the rotating hub.


  • The absolute redundancy value encoder is designed to acquire motor positions and blade positions, to boost the accuracy of the pitch.

Standby Power Supply

  • Use super-capacitors as the backup power source for the pitch system to overcome shortcomings such as poor battery charge and discharge and high costs.
  • Adopted power outputs with high current and wide voltage range to ensure the motor feathers in a reliable manner.
  • Has advantages such as being environmentally friendly, does not need maintenance, long-life, and wide-range of operating temperatures.

Power Management System

  • Turbine power management system.
  • Monitor super-capacitor status and charge it.