Wind Power

Solutions for Wind Turbine Master Control System

HollySys’ electric turbine control systems comprise a master control station, cabin station, and HMI.

The master control station is located at the bottom of the tower, which communicates with the HMI, cabin station, pitch, converter system, and remote monitoring system, which monitors the overall turbine unit’s operations. The cabin station is located in the cabin, which is used to collect and process the turbine’s equipment and instrument data. The HMI is used for the system’s operation control, real-time display, parameter settings, and the recording and storing of failures. The Ethernet can be used to remotely monitor turbine operations from the central control room.

The controller uses HollySys’ LK-series PLCs, with the following functional characteristics:

  • Operating temperature is -25℃~60℃. Possesses anti-fog, anti-heat, and anti-fungal properties, making it suitable for beach and offshore operations.
  • Industrial 533MHz processor with a minimumprogram operation cycle 10ms.
  • Tower bottom and cabin uses fibre-optic communication, which is unaffected by electromagnetic disturbances.
  • Passed UL and CE certifications and supports many types of fieldbus protocols.
  • Supports power source, CPU, and communication redundancy, which satisfies reliability requirements.
  • Equipped with high-speed frequency measurement modules and electricity quantity acquisition modules, used to complete the acquisition of special turbine signals.