“Who is Hollysys”

“Who is Hollysys”

We are a company with 26 years of experience in the fields of automation and IT solutions with over 25,000 projects completed across Asia Pacific.


Our expertise lies in the fields of factory automation, process automation, equipment automation, railway transport automation, factory automation products, among others.


Here are some of our core products and learn why customers are choosing the HollySys brand:


Process Automation

Process automation is one of the core businesses of HollySys. Our product series under this business include Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Manufacturing Executive Systems, Safety Barrier and Isolation, among others. These products are widely used in industries such as petrochemicals, construction, electric power, environmental protection and equipment manufacturing. Click here for the specific products. https://en.hollysys.com/business-process-automation/


Equipment Automation

Under equipment automation is our turbomachinery control and protection system. This is a professional automation control business module meant for the equipment manufacturing industry. Simply put, products under this category covers the automation and control of turbines, compressors.fans, and their related auxilliary equipment. These products are widely used in industries such as power, metallurgy, petrochemical, chemical, and construction materials. Know more the  turbomachinery control and protection system here: https://en.hollysys.com/turbomachinery-control-system/


Factory Automation Products

We have a significant list of factory automation products, all geared towards making factory operations reliable and secure. Read more about the programmable logic controller, frequency transformer, human-machine interface, and MC series motion controller here: https://en.hollysys.com/factory-automation-products/


Enterprise Rail Control and Management System

We entered the business of rail transport signaling and transportation automation industry in 1999. We have grown since then. In 2003, HollySys became fully involved in the formulation of standards for the train operation control system, and the independent research, development, and implementation of equipment. This happened as the China Train Control System of the China Railway Corporation took off. Our onboard train control system and the ground train control system has been providing users with integrated, technical solutions in railway transport control and management. Click here to know about the specific products: https://en.hollysys.com/train-operation-control-system/. For more details: https://en.hollysys.com/rail-transport-control-and-management-system/


Urban Rail Automation System

The railway is the bloodline of any prosperous cities, that is why it is important to have a reliable system that is both efficient and safe for commuters. Understand more about HollySys railway products and how it can enhance the rail experience:



Nuclear Power Digital Instrument -Control System

We are one of the few nuclear plant automation systems and solution provider currently in the world!  A total of 26 years in this niche industry has taught us to be reliable provider of systems and solutions. Under our Nuclear Power Digital Instrument -Control System, the product involves nuclear safety equipment. Namely… nuclear island, conventional island, nuclear power plant balance of plant (BOP) full-series instrumentation and control system, auxiliary application, testing platform, emergency command system, and other facilities. What are those exactly? Read and see photos of the Nuclear Power Plant Digital DCS D Control System and the Nuclear Power Plant Full Range Simulator. Check them here: https://en.hollysys.com/nuclear-power-digital-instrument-control-system/



SCADA stands for surveillance control and data acquisition. In HollySys, MACS-SCADA is a software platform that provides all kinds of infrastructure support to various functions. Developed by the HollySys themselves, MACS-SCADA has been proven in practical engineering applications. Curious to know about this product? Click here: https://en.hollysys.com/macs-scada/


We are proud to be a company that adheres to a Code of Ethics with emphasis on compliance with laws, avoiding conflicts of interest, disclosure, reporting and compliance.


We look forward to serving you by helping to achieve milestones and elevating your business to new heights.