Water Treatment

Typical Solutions for Water Treatment

In the clear water plant, the automation control system that is principally based on HollySys’ LK PLC helps to achieve production control, operation control, and monitoring management. The system does not only have reliable hardware equipment, but also provides powerful and reliable system software, application software, programing software, and control software that have user-friendly interface. The operating and maintenance costs are low and the system is convenient to operate.

The whole system comprises 1 central monitoring control station, 6 field control stations, and 8 PLC sub-stations. The central monitoring control station comprises 2 central monitoring and control computers (mutual backup), server, factory-director room’s computer, engineer room computer, and production department computer. The field control statin uses a programmable logic controller (PLC), which exercises distributed control over the processes of the process systems, placed in the dosing chlorination room (PLC1), clear water room (PLC2), 8-grid filter tank (PLC2-1 – PLC2-8), water pumping station (PLC3), sludge dewatering room (PLC4), pure clear water preparation workshop (PLC5), heat-transfer room (PLC6), whereby PLC5 and PLC6 are provided by the process equipment manufacturers.