Water Treatment

Typical Solutions for Reclaimed-Water

The reclaimed-water automation control system adopts the principle of having integrated management and distributed control, comprising the field PLC control management level, field control equipment level, instrument equipment level and high-speed safe industrial Ethernet data communication network. The central control room uses fibre-optics as a transmission medium for its industrial Ethernet to monitor and control the different field PLC control stations. Take the diagram below for example: 3 of the field control stations are the rapid filter site controller (PLC1 station), Biological Aerated Filter site controller (PLC2), and water supply pumping station site controller (PLC3). They are responsible for the control of the relevant process electric equipment within or surrounding the building and relevant instruments, and transmit the necessary information to the office management building’s central control room. This will ensure better control of all the equipment, enabling them to operate in a reliable manner and facilitate safe and effective water recycling.

Schematic diagram for reclaimed-water automation system