Water Conservancy and Hydropower

Water conservancy and hydropower is an industry with a long history that is very data-intensive. The introduction of new smart technology and new equipment to modernise the installation and management of water conservancy facilities will be an inevitable trend from this point going forward.

Hydropower Plant Computer Monitoring System

HollySys’ hydropower plant computer monitoring system solution includes automation control systems for turbine generator set, switching stations, shared hydroelectric station utilities, and hydropower gate. With an open and modular structure design, the hydropower plant’s production processes are monitored, data is then collected, and the processes are controlled and regulated. This also constitutes electrical equipment such as equipment sets, transformers, and circuits, and monitoring and protection functions for the whole plant’s auxiliary systems such as the oil, gas, and water systems.

Pump Station Computer Monitoring and Control System

The HollySys pump station computer monitoring and control system is an integrated computer automation system that combines monitoring, measuring, control, protection, and management into one, thus effectively monitoring and controlling all of the station’s pump units, electrical system, public oil, water, and gas systems, gate control systems, magnetisation system, and DC system. This is to ensure the pump stations are safer, more reliable, and running in a cost effective manner, so that the pump station can be operated with minimum manning. It can also use the computer network to transmit the pump station’s operating data and status in real-time to higher authorities.

Automation System for Irrigation Zone Scheduling

HollySys’ irrigation zone scheduling automation system uses computer technology, multimedia technology, modern communication technology, and scientific computing technology. It automatically acquires, transmits, and stores data such as climate, rain, water, and water-supply, dynamically monitoring, optimising, and scheduling resources at the reservoir and irrigation zone in real-time. The system comprises the monitoring sub-system, scheduling sub-system, and data management sub-system.

The monitoring sub-system mainly comprises the real-time monitoring of water, rain, and working conditions, automatically acquiring information such as the water-level, precipitation, and flow, and transmitting them to the database in real-time, preparing data for scheduling plans. The scheduling sub-system will set up, maintain, operate, and manage a model library, processing and computing the data to generate scheduling plans. The data management sub-system’s key function is to store the attribute data and spatial data, managing the recording, deleting, modification, storage, search, sorting, and adding-up of data.

Sluice Gate Computer Monitoring System

HollySys’ sluice gate computer monitoring system is used for the automation control and remote scheduling of the different types of sluice gates of the water resources, shipping, water supply and drainage system, the working gate, flood gate, and scouring tunnel gate of the hydropower plant unit. The water levels of the areas upstream or downstream of the sluice gate, gate load, gate open/shut status, angle of opening, graphical data are mainly acquired and transmitted, so that the monitoring centre can have a first-hand understanding of the sluice gate’s operating status and the status of the surrounding areas, and achieves the objective of remotely controlling the opening and closing of the sluice gate and the automatic control and system interlocking of the sluice gate.

Water Quality Monitoring System

The HollySys water quality monitoring system is able to continuously obtain monitoring data online for 24 hours a day, and that data is transmitted in real-time to the water quality monitoring centre, so that the water authorities at the mid-stream and down-stream of the river can have a timely and accurate understanding of the water quality status. Through this, they shall be able to fully, systematically, and accurately analyse the cause of water quality changes and strengthen their management of water resources.

Automatic Water Forecasting System

The major smart water conservancy monitoring management system of Hollysys comprises a hydropower plant computer monitoring system, pump station computer monitoring system, sluice gate computer monitoring system, hydrological automatic forecast computer monitoring system, water quality monitoring system, water-saving irrigation monitoring system, and a safety detection system for different types of water conservancy facilities. It is a water conservancy emergency command system at regional level, provincial level, and national level, and also a large smart monitoring management system that combines the underlying automation system and IT system. It can perform integrated water conservancy scheduling management and the management of the incorporation of smart technology into water conservancy facilities and construction.

General Achievements
  • Changshan pump station SCADA system at the Xiaoshan District Drainage Management Office
  • SCADA system for 15 pumping stations in Cixi
  • Pump station computer monitoring system in Gaohuzhuang, for water diversion construction works along Luan River towards Tianjin
  • Pump station computer monitoring system in Xintankou, Honghu City, Hubei Province
  • Pump station computer monitoring system for commune gate of Zhijiang, Hubei Province
  • Pump station computer monitoring system at the estuary of Zhijiang, Hubei Province
  • Pump station computer monitoring system at Fuyu, Jilin Province
  • Pump station computer monitoring system for the Erwangzhuang open canal for the water diversion construction works along Luan River towards Tianjin
  • Pump station computer monitoring system at Zhengjiawan, Zhongxiang City, Hubei Province
  • Pump station computer monitoring system for Yellow River diversion and irrigation in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
  • Ronghua Pump station computer monitoring system at Yangmu Reservoir in Liaoning City, Jilin Province
  • Irrigation zone pumping station in Hulin City, Sanjiang Plain, in Heilongjiang Province
  • Transformer substation monitoring system in Erwangzhuang for water diversion construction works along Luan River towards Tianjin
  • Computer monitoring system for Hongyan Hydropower Plant
  • Computer monitoring system for Shangshi Hydropower Plant