Turbomachinery Control System

Steam Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System

The steam turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system is the most important functional subsystem of the turbine power generator. It utilized pure electric and high-pressure fuel-oil or low-pressure turbine oil hydraulic servo system component forming the Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System (DEH). The control system is highly reliable and easy to operate, easy to maintenance, flexible, with features and design focusing on the redundancy of key components, self-diagnostic on every sub-modules, and risk reduction.

The primary function of the DEH system provides the load and speed control of the turbine. It also includes a number of other parameters of control such as over-speed protection, thermal stress, monitoring theturbine generator parameters, the start/stop sequence control, and other functions. In addition, DEH system also fully adapt to the other incident and events occurring during the process. This includes unit/crew incident working conditions (such as RB), start/stop running process, and other process requirements.

HollySys’ turbine control business started in 1997, up to now, its turbine control products applied in over 3,000 projects ranging from 6MW to 1,000MW power plants.

T800S Large Steam Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System

The T800S Steam Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System is a turbine DEH system designed based on the HOLLiAS MACS SM series hardware, and the T800S has relatively strong capability to expand and monitor master turbine and auxiliary turbine systems. The master controller uses a highly-functional CPU which can satisfy the operating requirements of the automated turbine control (ATC). It’s applied in subcritical, supercritical, and ultra-supercritical turbine control systems with more than 300MW.