Turbomachinery Control System

Low-Pressure Turbine Oil System

HollySys’ low pressure turbine oil system—EH-LP uses the steam turbine’s own turbine oil as an oil source medium, controlling the set with DEH electric control, which is applied in small to medium-sized DEH hydraulic control sets. The system has excluded components such as speed controllers, synchronisers, intermediate amplifier slide valves, and other components of the liquid regulation system. The oil-motive works on the hydraulic-spring principle, erases the parasitic feedback based on the mechanical spring principle, significantly raises the rigidity and dynamic response of the oil-motive, achieves large-scale speed control by coordinating with the electric control system, and makes accurate adjustments. The system is simple, requires low costs to build, has few damageable parts, has a long lifespan, is capable of accurate positioning, possesses high sensitivity, and is reliable.