Turbomachinery Control System

Large Turbine Compressor Integrated Control System

T880 Multiple Redundancy Turbine Control System

T880 is a type of high-end multiple redundancy turbomachinery control system which is currently an internationally leading technology that is jointly developed by HollySys with steam turbine firms. The multiple redundancy system covers all the way from the turbine inlet control valve and control valve servo drive mechanism to the computer data control system, which can guarantee that failures in any component of any servo loop in the turbine set do not affect the set’s normal operations. The traditional triple redundancy system does not take into account designing multiple redundancies for areas that are very failure prone during operations, such as regulating valve, control valve actuators, electro-hydraulic servo valves, and servo valve drive circuit. This is currently the most reliable control system scheme found in the turbomachinery industry. It is widely used in turbo-generator sets and turbine compressor sets designed for users with higher requirements for safe and stable operations.

T810 Turbine Compressor Control System

T810 is a turbine compressor control system developed based on HollySys’ HOLLiAS MACS products, and can better control and expand the capabilities of turbine compressors and their auxiliary equipment. This turbine compressor controller is widely used in metallurgy, air separation units (ASU), petrochemical, and chemical industries.