Turbine Equipment

Turbine Emergency Trip System (ETS)

The ETS is complete with all electric valve switch control functions in the turbine’s emergency trip control processes, including the acquisition, processing, calculating, and real-time output of switch data, sending the relevant data to the central control operating station.

  • Realise protection switching functions, set different protection switching switches, total disintegration protection switch, first-out reset switch, and ETS reset switch.
  • Realise display functions: Has protection signal display, protection signal ultra-safe value display and alarm, and the display of the reason for first-out protection action.
  • Realise ETS protection functions.

Product Advantages

  • Highly reliable: Able to realise CPU dual redundancy, power source redundancy, and network redundancy.
  • Able to realise the integrated seamless connection of the DEH, DCS, and ETS, is independent of the DEH and DCS system, and also exchanges data with the DEH and DCS system via the DP bus.
  • Fast dynamic response where control cycle is at least<20ms.