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With the guidance of renowned experts in China turbine control industry, HollySys successfully developed and applied the DEH in 1997, and till today, it has already developed a steam turbine digital electro-hydraulic control system that is suitable for 1000MW, 600MW, 300MW, 200MW, and small-and medium-sized units, which have obtained 26 patents. It is now successfully applied in the industry. After over a decade of development and practical application, HollySys developed a DEH service team comprising close to 100 employees trained in solution design, system packaging, software configuration, field testing, user training, and after-sales service, providing clients with professional service solutions.

As of Dec 2010, HollySys’ DEH has been successfully applied in different types of new and remodelled 3MW-1000MW turbines, and it is applied in over 1500 sets.

Steam Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control System

General Turbine Controller

Applications in Large Turbine Compressor Industry

Turbine Emergency Trip System (ETS)

Integrated ASU and Compressor Control