Tsinghua University Overseas Student Exchange Program at HollySys (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd

On 7th February 2017, Tsinghua University had an overseas student exchange program at HollySys Headquarters in Singapore. The purpose of this student exchange program is to help students gain insight of the working world and explore the career option once they graduate from the university.

In regards to the student exchange program, Tsinghua University has wrote to HollySys (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd to specially thanked us for giving them the opportunity to understand more about our organization milestones and growth. They are also pleased that the Singapore-Brunei Overseas Practice Detachment will communicate with HollySys on further cooperation and exchanges. HollySys (Asia Pacific) as the overseas representatives for the international markets, has left a deep impression with all the students. Our warm hospitality and explanation makes them feel the strength and warmth of the alumni overseas.

Lastly, Tsinghua University also wish to collaborate with HollySys (Asia Pacific) on the overseas student exchange program for graduate students to establish further explore their career and interests.