Singapore, Technology and Research (A * STAR) and Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) visited HollySys Headquaters in Beijing

On 2 February 2016, the Singapore, Technology and Research (A * STAR) and Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC), Chief Executive Officer Dr. Liao Guangrong, Science and Engineering Research Council, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Chen Yongcong, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)Director Su Huiqing visited HollySys headquarters in Beijing and attended the seminar, the trend of development of intelligent manufacturing technology and the two sides in the role of the key technologies in the process of industrialization and area had in-depth exchanges. HollySys Group, Deputy General Manager Mr. Shi HongyuanBeijing HollySys Technology Centre, General Manager Mr. Li Meng and Machine Company, Technical Director Mr. Lei Zhijun warmly received Dr. Liao Guangrong and his party.

Dr. Liao introduces thebasic situation of Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) and Science and Technology Research Council of Singapore (A * STAR). ARTC is Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology Research Institute of Manufacturing Technology, Nanyang Technological University Cooperation Organization and to cooperate with the industry organization. It will undertake public and private sector research and development program, innovative ideas between research institutions and remanufactured production program to build a bridge. Its business areas cover aviation, machinery, oil and gas, marine, vehicle and clean energy direction.

HollySys Group, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Shi Hongyuan welcomed all the leaders who visited HollySys Beijing on the eve of the spring festival and extend New Year greetings in advance to them. Mr Shi introduced the situation of HollySys Group and comprehensive strength, specifically addressed the key directions with strategic layoutdevelopment path and development to benefit for business and technology, as well as intelligence and interest in and vision of business development, and enables the leaders to have a better understanding in the technological capabilities of the intelligent plant infrastructure, equipment and intelligence aspects of the intelligence services.

During the process of exchange, Dr. Liao and Dr. Chen would participate in the “China 2025,” part of the standard-setting work conducted in-depth consultation, and have a detailed understanding of HollySys technical team, commercial cooperation and facilitate progress.

Mr Shi expressed his appreciation for the total flexibility and extensive cooperation model between A * STAR and ARTC Alliance, and hope HollySys to have the opportunity to become one of the alliance members of ARTCwith affilates like A * STAR and ARTC, HollySys are poised to more partnership and collaborations in the region.

After the end of the exchange, Dr. Liao and his party also visited HollySys’s production workshop and high-speed simulation laboratory.