Shenzhen Metro Line 11 starts experimental operation and HollySys was awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award for this project

On 28th June 2016, the Shenzhen Metro Line 11 starts experimental operation. Line 11 took on the Midwest and connected to the Shenzhen Airport Express dual task, has been hailed as the fastest speed currently, the highest value subway lines.

HollySys is the supplier and system integrators of Shenzhen Metro Line 11 project, including a comprehensive monitoring system, substation automation systems, environmental and equipment monitoring systems, fire alarm systems, low-voltage switchgear (MCC) systems, energy systems, including the six systems. Line 11 is the benchmark for the Shenzhen Metro Phase III project, is the urban rail transit business and profit when another milestone in the Shenzhen areaThe duration of the Line 11 project is short, since the official opening of the Line 11 with contract signed in only 13 months. Encountered with the daunting task, the project team continue to work hard and produce amazing results, the spirit to overcome problems to meet the project on schedule.

On 10th August 2016, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. organized “Special Award” in recognition of the General Assembly, with the outstanding performance in Shenzhen Subway Line 11 project, HollySys was awarded the “Outstanding Contribution Award”; North and Metro Automation Ministry Project Manager Zheng Jianyao with efficient management of the implementation of the project won the “Outstanding Manager” award, which is a great affirmation of the project team. Shenzhen Metro Line 11 project team will continue, trust the owners live, to do follow-up work.