HollySys is committed to providing customers with high quality services and strongly stand by our customer-oriented concept, based upon providing best value for our customers as priority. Constantly, we seek improvement in the pursuit of customer satisfaction as well as quality of services provided.

Comprehensive Solutions & Services

In order to better meet the demands for our customers, HollySys provides a full range of solutions and services based on these criteria, such as, safety, stability, comprehensive, energy saving, emission reduction and high efficiency to fulfill the criteria required for a successful production facility. A series of our range of services in our service model includes, hotline services, on-site services, maintenance and inspection services, spare parts services, upgrade services, maintenance services, training services and others.

Service Hotline:China: +86 400-881-0808; Singapore: +65 6777 0950

Hardware Repair Services: Hardware is classified into HollySys Hardware and 3rd Party Hardware

HollySys Products:Products that are developed, designed and manufactured by HollySys, e.g. modules, circuit board, main controller etc.

3rd Party Products: Products that are purchased through HollySys but manufactured by our partners, e.g. computers, UPS etc.

Repair Procedures: If you choose to courier the faulty parts, we would recommend choosing reputable courier service providers, as well as using a large box filled with foam cushioning materials, to ensure the safety of long-distance transport of the parts.

To better understand the details of the fault, please attach a note in the box stated clearly with the following:

  1. Model No
  2. Part No
  3. Fault Details
  4. Model Name
  5. Name of Contact
  6. Contact Details

China:Fault-Reporting Support :+86 400-881-0808 (Option: Hardware Maintenance)

Address: No. 2 Di Sheng Middle Road, Economic and Technology Development Area,Beijing 100176, China

Postal Code: 100176

Areas except for China: Fault-Reporting Support: +65 6777 0950

Address: 200 Pandan Loop, Pantech 21, #08-01, Singapore 128388

Online Equipment Management Services

Equipment management is a basic and important task. Based on field device status, maintenance status, combined with the characteristics of automation system equipment, efficient equipment management is made possible, services include:

  1. Equipment Inventory Management
    • Using automated system will greatly improve on tracking important information of your equipment, including the name of the device, specifications, age, version number, service equipment, installation locations, vendors and others.
  2. Equipment Maintenance & Repair Inventory Management
    • Jointly established equipment maintenance and repair management accounting, including equipment failure phenomena, failure time, cause of failure, fault handling result, continuous operation time.
  3. Operational Quality Statistical Report
    • Statistical Report and preventive actions are based on information gathered through inspections, maintenance and reparation work, along with analysis on the operating conditions.

Inspection Services

Inspection is part of our service offerings as preventive services, can reduce unplanned downtime events, plan ahead and eliminate potential hazards on site, improve system stability, reduce the accident rate. Implementation starts during plant maintenance, professional maintenance engineers are assigned to carry specialized equipment on-site to provide inspection services, and detailed inspection reports as well as maintenance recommendations are prepared and issued.

System Inspection Scope of Services:

  1. Identify issues in current system, find the cause of the malfunction, propose viable solutions
  2. System cleaning: operating station, various system cabinets and other
  3. Testing on hardware and software features and various I / O modules, to improve system reliability, reduce unplanned downtime events
  4. Inspection on network communications, ground systems and power supply
  5. System inspection, functional recovery and replacement of consumables
  6. DP network detection: PROFIBUS network using ProfiTrace instrument to detect the presence of a fault on the DP network
  7. Comprehensive report will be submitted to the user on analysis on aspects of configuration, driver, and maintenance, after backup
  8. Analysis on current operating conditions and operating environment systems, engaging technical exchanges with users, and provide users with professional recommendations on maintenance

Upgrade Services

Due to the fast changing environment in technology, computer equipment, operating systems, network communications equipment are updated and refreshed frequently. HollySys is committed to providing value to customers and furnish our customers with comprehensive solutions. By providing the latest, reliable hardware and software products, customers with minimal investment are able to enjoy the benefits of a system that provides reliability, optimal and high performance.

Through the upgrade service, the life cycle of the system is extended and the system can ensure a long-term, safe and stable operation.

Upgrade Service Scope of Services:

  1. On-site upgrade of controller hardware
  2. Computer hardware upgrade or replacement
  3. Systems Network hardware upgrades
  4. DCS system software upgrade (configuration software and monitoring software)
  5. System architecture optimization
  6. Configuration and commissioning services

Real-Life Scenario

It is often that the project has been commissioned for many years and had gone through several engineering changes. In order for a smooth upgrade process, essential information as below are required:

  1. Software System details: System software version;
  2. On-site operating system information: what operating system to use on-site, WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 2000, etc.
  3. Systems Network Architecture;
  4. Computer model and quantity;
  5. Model of the Systems in the cabinet and quantity;
  6. Communication Protocol, and if current configuration works with third-party communication and are compatible with the new version of the operating system;
  7. Load of the systems in Control Station;
  8. Malfunction in current operation e.g. Module fault;
  9. Estimated allocated time for upgrade
  10. Other requirements (such as modifying the configuration, add equipment) after system upgrades.
Location-Wide Customer Service

We offer localization service at Most City of China (more than 60 cities), Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia (KL, JB), India (Gurgaon), Indonesia (Jakarta).

Companies lacated in:

Customer-oriented Service Team
The team consists of a large number of professional and technical personnel of various industries. Not only we have rich experience in project implementation, but also experiences in project management, all in order to better provide professional technical consulting and on-site service work for customers.

Pre-Sales Services: Mainly supported by our sales team and technical support team. We will fully understand user needs and develop suitable solutions to meet requirements.

Services during Implementation: Mainly supported by the engineering department. For each project, from the start to the end, the project manager will be fully involved ensure the quality of the project.

Post-Sales Services: Mainly supported by the system services department. Other than the usual technical recommendations, hardware maintenance, on-site maintenance, spare parts sales and other services, we provide a more extensive range of services which includes: system check, software upgrade, annual security services, emergency services as well as training services.

Services Division is responsible for the system. We not only provide regular technical advice, hardware maintenance, on-site maintenance, spare parts sales and other services, also provides value-added services, including: system check, the software upgrade, the annual security services, emergency services, training services.

Ready Supply of Spare Parts

China: Warehouses and stores in Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Jinan, Xi’an, Xinjiang, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, and Shenyang with ready stock of spare parts.

Others: Singapore, Malaysia (KL, JB), India (Gurgaon), Indonesia (Jakarta)

Flexible Logistics System

Worldwide UPS, FedEx in countries including China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Dubai, Hong Kong and others.