Sales Manager

Number of candidates to be recruited for this position:8

Location: New Delhi, India, or other locations:

Recruiting department: International business department

Contact number: +86 0571-81633731

Contact email:

Key Job & Position Responsibilities:

  1. In charge of market planning for the target region.
  2. In charge of expanding and managing client relationships.
  3. Independently arrange the operation of sales projects, be in charge of sales targets and market targets, and complete sales, market, and payment targets.
  4. Improve the company’ brand and visibility.
  5. The customer groups comprise industry integrators, design companies, general contractors, and end-user in the target areas.

Job & Position Requirements:

  1. Bachelor Degree and above qualifications in related fields, such as automation, computer, process control, meter, electric, and electromechanical integration.
  2. Candidates with 3-5 years of automation industry experience, and fall under any one of the following categories will be given priority. However, certain conditions may be eased on a case by case basis.
    • Candidates with experience in electric power, chemicals, and equipment (DEH) industries.
    • Candidates with experience in engineering and product development.
    • Candidates with ample experience in automation product sales.
  3. Candidates with experience in regional management.
  4. Candidates with the ability to independently establish and maintain stable client relationships.
  5. Candidates with a strong ability to read, write, and communicate in English, and possess a foundation in international commerce.
  6. Candidates who are able to travel overseas for business trips and adhere to work requirements at the new work location.
  7. Candidates who are cheerful, proactive, achievement driven, hardy, proficient in self-expression, cooperative, and capable of learning.

Note: Applicants shall submit their resumes in both English and Chinese, and a self-introduction in English which shall be at least 500 words in length.

Jobcode: S002
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