Sales Manager for the High-Speed Railway and Subway Industry

Number of candidates to be recruited for this position:several

Location: Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu, China

Recruiting department: Railway Sales Department

Contact number: +86 010-58981373

Contact email:

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Independently develop and establish market relationships, arrange to complete project bidding, project negotiations, contract signing, and collecting payment.
  2. Participate in intra-regional market analysis and formulate regional sales strategies, and assist regional managers in executing sales plan.
  3. Assist in completing training of new staff, and undertake internal employee mentorship work.
  4. Complete regional sales plans and payment plans.
  5. In charge of tracking projects, product promotions, and business communications with clients.
  6. Acquire and sort out market data and industry data, providing support for relevant departments to help them respond better to market changes and formulate marketing strategies.
  7. Provide timely feedback and summarise client requirements, and constantly improve client satisfaction.

Job Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree and above in relevant majors such as railway signalling and automation industries.
  2. Priority shall be given to candidates with more than 3 years of sales experience or railway industry experience.
  3. Candidates who are familiar with operating models or organisational structures in the railway-related industries.
Jobcode: S001
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