Enterprise Rail Control and Management System

HollySys developed 2003 failure tolerant computer interlocking system and entered the enterprise railway microcomputer interlocking industry in 1999. Today, HollySys has already developed onboard and ground train control system for railway and high speed railway, CBTC signalling system for urban railway, as well asrail transport control and management systems for local railway.

HollySys rail transport control and management systems include:

  • RTD Railway Dispatching and Command System
  • DSS Railway Transport Dispatching and Supervision System
  • RSS Signalling Micro-Computer Monitoring System
  • Double 2 out of 2 Voting Interlock System
  • 2 out of 3 Voting Computer Interlock System

Base on the nuclear safety and advanced automation control system experience, the safety and reliability of technical indicators of these products have reached high-end international levels. The products have been widely and successfully applied to more than 200 local railway stations, urban rail transportation, along with the local railway/ in-house railway of metallurgy, coal, petrochemical, power, chemical industry, ports and other industries. Rail transport control and management system provides dispatching supervision and command functions from the station grassroots control, variable monitoring, to dispatch supervision, transportation scheduling and dispatch control, as well as an information centre for a railway transportation enterprise.

The rail control and management systems use computer interlocking as the core, combine 2 out of 3 computer-based interlocking systems, double 2 out of 2 computer-based interlocking system, with comprehensive application of redundancy, failure tolerance and failure avoidance safety technology, which can achieve automated operation, improve operational safety and efficiency, realise command paperless, dynamic monitoring and intelligent management for railway stations.