Production Operator

Number of candidates to be recruited for this position:3

Location: Beijing, China

Recruiting department: Manufacturing department

Contact number: +86 010-58981373

Contact email:

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Adhering to workshop supervisor’s work arrangement, the completion of assembly, wiring, Traditional Chinese Medicine products inspection work, and ensure the quality of products and production schedule.
  2. Adhering to workshop supervisor’s work arrangement, complete wiring cable production processing, and production.
  3. Adhering to the production operation management required to complete production records (5S records).
  4. Adhering to workshop supervisor to arrange other work related department of construction quality improvement: training department, participate in the production line, participate the 5S/ESD activities and management improvement activities.

Job Requirements:

  1. Technical secondary school or above, electronic, mechanical, some relevant professional.
  2. 1 years of electronic products or medical device products related work experience.
  3. Has the pressure connection, screw, welding skills, familiar with the basic operation of manual work manual tools together with goods, to identify a circuit or mechanical drawings.
  4. Hands-on ability, good communication skills, obey the leadership arrangements, take the initiative to assume responsibility.
Jobcode: PS003
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