Typical Applications (Refining)

5 Million Tonne / Year Oil Refining Project by Petrochina Hohhot Petroleum Company

Project Summary
The expansion and revamp of Petrochina Hohhot’s 5million tonne / year oil refining project was a project for the 3-year rolling development plan of Petrochina during the 11th Five-Year Plan period. It was included into the Chinese NDRC’s list of special petrochemical technology projects, whereby the total amount invested for the project was RMB 7,848million, where RMB 7,384million went into construction and the annual production output was nearly RMB 30billion after the construction was completed.

This project is Petrochina’s major integrated oil refining project, where its DCS system construction is defined as a turn-key project. The overall design fully adopts international advanced design concepts and the automation control system is designed to be integarted with DCS, SIS, AMS, and MES systems, with an all-encompassing and smart plant design concept covering automation control to information. The system integration level is high, and the automation level has reached internationally advanced standards, fully achieving the integrated control of the plant.

System Included
  • 1 CCR (central control room), 10 FARs (field apparatus rooms)
  • The whole system is divided into 5 independent facility system domains and 1 public administration domain.
  • The equipment of the facilities are designed to have individual AMS management systems, and the whole factory also has an AMS management system that administers all factory processes.
  • Physical I/O point: 14,000 points (all HART)
  • Control station: 35; Engineer stations: 14; Mobile engineer stations: 3.
  • DCS controllers: 28
  • Total number of different types of cabinets: 100
  • OPC connection stations: Used for 2 MES systems, 1 oil product harmony system, and 1 whole-plant measurement system.
  • Sub-system communication ports: 60 (including: GDS system, SIS system, and CCS system)
  • Provided an abundant and complete set of many different types of system connections, including CCTV, large screen, GPS clock synchronisation, anti-virus system, and tank storage mobile automation management system.
System Network Structure

Client Satisfaction Levels

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