Typical Applications (High-acid Crude Oil)

Summary of revamp of 5million tonne / year processing high-acid crude oil facility for Sinopec Qingdao

The revamp of the high-acid crude oil facility for China Sinopec Qingdao Petrochemical LLC was one of Sinopec’s 20 core projects in 2009 (14 were refinery-related). It was a massive project comprising many combined facilities, with very strong demand and high standards for automation control system products and engineering construction implementation capabilities.

The whole project used a central control room (CCR) to facilitate centralised monitoring of all equipment, and a field apparatus room (FAR), field control station, and different types of terminal cabinets were established near the facilities that were in close proximity, taking charge of the acquisition of field signals. Redundant fiber connections were used between the FAR and CCR.

Equipment Scope
  • 5million tonne / year atmospheric and vacuum pressure facility
  • 1million tonne / year gasoline and diesel hydrotreatment facility
  • 600,000 tonne / year catalytic gasoline and diesel hydrotreatment and desulfurisation facility
  • 1.6million tonne / year delayed coking facility
  • 20,000 tonne / year sulfur recovery and solvent regeneration facility
  • 1.5×104Nm3/h hydrogen production units
Control System Scale
  • 1 CCR (central control room) and 5 FAR (field apparatusrooms)
  • Physical IO points: 4000 points (all HART)
  • Controller stations: 23
  • Engineer stations: 6
  • AMS stations: 6
  • Redundancy control stations: 12
System Network Structure

Project Results

The project was a resounding success with high client satisfaction. Out of over 200 suppliers, HollySys was rated as one of their “Top 10 Suppliers” for their project.

Key factors leading to the project’s success:

  • Extensive experience of team members and excellent team coordination and spirit
  • Perfect system program design
  • Orderly project planning and implementation
  • All-encompassing system services