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Typical System Design

HOLLiAS MACS-SCADA is a multi-functional, flexible, and distributed integrated-monitoring, data acquisition, and data integration software package which uses an open-framework software system, and multiple-platform support mode. Every layer is uniquely designed, logic-related, and expandable, enabling the system’s openness to be readily expanded. In this design mode, the application design and engineering experience is reused, where the software has a modular structure, supports platform sharing, and component reusing. This software incorporates the HollySys’ professional experience in the SCADA field and needs of clients, especially high-end leading industry clients like the China Railway Corporation. Continuous improvements have been made during the last decade to make this into a leading standard in the Chinese SCADA industry.

Key Technologies
  • Safety failure-tolerant computer
  • Safety and reliable industrial Ethernet
  • Open client / server framework
  • Flexible and stable system framework
  • Fieldbus technology
  • Industrial real-time operating system
  • Control programing language that complies with international standards

Large Real-time Database
  • Object-oriented distributed database
  • Object-oriented human-machine interface
  • Embedded low-power industrial controllers
  • Distributed industrial I/O
  • Failure safety driver device.
  • Safety and reliable redundancy design structure
System Product Applications
  • Host SCADA system (HOLLiAS-SCADA)
  • Data acquisition control (HOLLiAS-RTU)
  • Asset management system (HOLLiAS-AMS)
  • Real-time data management (HOLLiAS-Bridge)