Oil and Gas, Natural Gas

Control Solutions of Key Sub-system

  • Wellhead control:
    Compressor control, pump device controls, gas lift control, and injection control
  • Booster station control
  • Compressor control
  • Processing plant control:
    Gas-liquid separation control, glycol dehydration control, and public works
  • LNG processes:
    Desulfurisation unit, CO2removal device, dehydration unit, mercury removal unit, gas compressor unit, fractionation unit, refrigeration unit, propane compressor unit, MR compressor unit, liquefaction plant, public works (N2 devices, power generation, water treatment, boiler etc.), and shipment loading control
  • Regasification process:
    Rack-mounted distiller control, boiling water distiller control, compressor control, re-condenser control, HP LP reflux pump control, transmission control, LNG storage tank control, level and temperature and density monitoring, LNG unloading, and flaring system