Pulp Paper

White Water Recycling Control Solution

White water recycling control solution includes: White water recycling system (multi-disc), net trough level in white water recycling machine, and sequential startand control of temperature inside the machine. The white water recycling system (multi-disc) is an important component of the pulp-making pulp and paper workshop, which generally controls the following:

  1. Coordination, regulation, and control of the ratio of the filter layer slurry and whitewater processing capacity.
  2. Multi-disc filterer liquid level control and speed interlock control.
  3. Clean water pressure constant loop control
  4. Liquid level detection control for ultra-clear water tank and muddy water tank.
  5. Detection and monitoring of outlet pressure of water pumps
  6. Detection and monitoring of level of slurry in recycled slurry tank and volume of recycled slurry
  7. Start, stop, and interlocking of equipment and motors
  8. Water temperature control inside white water recycler
  9. Control of ratio of recycled slurry dilution valve