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Alkali Recycling System Control

1. Evaporation Stage Control Solution

Key points on control

  • There must be a balance in the volume of heat input and black liquid to achieve a stable solid-liquid equilibrium.
  • Dilute black liquid indicators are relatively stable
  • Redefine density of thick black liquid when replenished
  • Control circuits
  • System feedforward control

2. Combustion Control Solution

  • System for auto-regulation of black liquid
  • Boiler feedwater auto-regulation system
  • Monitor and control
  • Combustion process auto-regulation system
  • Alkaline furnace blowing process auto-regulation system status instructions and abnormality alert instructions
  • Interlocked protection for completion of the control circuit for alkaline furnace operations

3. Causticisation Control Solution

The HollySys causticisation control solution involves taking the alkaline retrieval segments as one whole entity, sharing of measurement information, real-time data, and system resources for the whole process. It comes complete with operation guidance and failure analysis approaches, highly effective and rapid system online system protection, boosting the technological economic effectiveness of the operations of the process equipment.

4. Coordinated Control Solution for Own Power Plant

5. Alkaline Furnace and Power Plant Coordination Control

6. Safety Response Strategies for Unusual Statuses