Pulp Paper

As the paper market becomes more globalised and the eco-environmental quality requirements by different countries are becoming more stringent, the pulp and paper industry is moving towards being a major modernised industry with requirements such as being fast, effective, high-quality, consuming less energy, continuous, automated, and environmentally friendly.

HollySys’ HOLLiAS-MACS large-scale distributed control system has been successfully applied in the pulp and paper industry, with a few hundred facilities installed, where a wealth of industry application experience has been accumulated. It provides complete automation solutions for pulp and paper clients, covering every production process from material preparation , pulp-making, alkali-recovery, paper machine wet-end, paper-machine dry-end, QCS, transmission, steam boilers, industrial power generation and distribution, to sewage treatment, helping clients to constantly strengthen their market competitiveness and control capabilities, bringing about extensive social and economic benefits.

Control Solution for Pulp-Making Stage

Alkali Recycling System Control

White Water Recycling Control Solution

Control Solution for Paper-Making Segment

Coating Preparation System

Electrical Transmission Control Solution(EMInfoSys)

QCS System Control Solution

DCS Control Solution for Papermaking Tobacco Slices

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