Opening of Haidilao Smart Restaurant at Marina Square, Singapore

Opening of Haidilao Smart Restaurant at Marina Square, Singapore

Opening of Haidilao Smart Restaurant at Marina Square, Singapore

(Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

HollySys is proud to have our Automatic Hot Pot Machine deployed at the 12th outlet here as the popular Chinese hotpot chain pushes towards an intelligent kitchen management system.

HollySys Automatic Hot Pot Machine has the capabilities to customized soup base based on customer’s taste and specific requirements with precision. Leveraging on the cloud, customers’ individual soup base recipes can also be saved for future visits.

Hollysys helps customers to transition from automated products to intelligent production.  (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

Customers get to enjoy their favourite Haidilao soup bases full prepared by Hollysys Automatic Hot Pot Machine (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

Intelligent Equipment

Based on our core competency in industrial automation, HollySys provides customized intelligent equipment and flexible automation production lines for enterprises in different industries to meet personalized customer needs and replace human operation by machine, improve productivity and quality; Edge computing and open industrial Internet protocol are used to provide real-time two-way data exchange and interoperability with SCADA, MES, WMS and other production information system, enabling production process transformation, reduced manufacturing cost, and improved competitiveness.

Hot pots are moved along the production line as combination of ingredients are added in to soup bases.  (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

HollySys Human-Machine Interface (HMI) provide kitchen staff with precision readings (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

Redundancy are in place to ensure kitchen operations are not affected.  (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

Aside to the Automatic Hot Pot Machine, we also have an intelligent equipment called the CIP Cleaning Station that clean up all used hot pots and immediately prepare them for the next serving.

HollySys Clean-in-Place (CIP) Cleaning Station. (Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

Said Jerry Xu, Sales manager at HollySys Asia Pacific, “As this is the first Haidilao smart restaurant to open outside of China, it is very exciting for us as we are able to showcase our technologies, together with the renowned Haidilao food & services that customers has been accustomed, to bring this smart dining experience to the Singapore market.” To experience a futuristic dining experience, the outlet is currently located at Marina Square #01-19 to 25 – 6 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039594.