Nuclear Power

Test Data Acquisition System / Test Instrument System (KDO/KME)

The KDO system is used by the nuclear power plant for the testing of different systems before starting machine sets, for the acquisition of test data during the commercially operating period of the machine set, and the fault filtering system. It is mainly used for machine unit debugging and tests and operator power control during the normal operating period, or debugging startup processes during the change of feed materials and major repairs, providing an intuitively clear mode of monitoring, recording and analysis for a series of tests on other systems.

The KME system is used in nuclear power system functional testing and evaluation, which concerns the nuclear plant’s usability and the generators unit’s  satety and economic operations. It monitors 1 to 2 circuit energy balances and the operating status of key equipment during the nuclear power plant’s testing phase and operating period.

System Characteristics
  • Accuracy of the KDO analog acquisition module is 0.1%, with a speed of 25ms
  • Highly-accurate analog acquisition module with an accuracy of 0.05% (suitable for KME)
  • 1ms  Switch signal resolution is 1ms
  • Modular design
  • Self-diagnostic functions
  • Supports undisturbed online downloading
  • Redundancy design
  • Strong expandability
  • Hot-swappable module