Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Plant Full-Scope Simulator Virtual DCS System (FSS)

The FSS system is a comprehensive system that combines design management, simulation technology, computing technology, and nuclear power engineering knowledge into one. It uses an integrated support platform for simulation that supports the online modifications and testing of the model, and comes with complete database management functions, simulation operation management functions, and I/O and network control functions.

System Uses (Nuclear Power Plant Full-Scope Simulator)
  • Training of operators.
  • Operator licence tests.
  • Learn, verify, and validate the power plant’s I&C system’s design and modifications (V&V platform), including: control room based on computer human-machine interface, process control functions, power plant operation / emergency response procedures, optimised power plant control and operations, and analysis of power plant transient state.
System Characteristics (Non-Safety Level DCS Simulator)
  • Use simulation and emulation to realise similar human-machine interface and DCS functions for ease of maintenance.
  • Saving and loading IC speed does not exceed 1 minute.
  • Provide IC management tools, and DCS application software upgrade is compatible with originally produced IC.
  • Full replay functions.
  • Failure simulation functions.