Nuclear Power

Computer Emergency Command System (EMInfoSys)

The nuclear power plant computer’s emergency decision support system is very suitable for emergency plans as it can effectively receive, save, analyse, process, and issue nuclear power plant data from different regions, rapidly constituting well-prepared emergency command orders in the event of an unexpected accident.

System Characteristics
  • EMInfoSys that has intellectual property rights.
  • Emergency data monitoring, decision making support, and response process support.
  • Adopts C/S + B/S structure, where real-time and fully functional emergency data acquisition and emergency decision making support provides a complete emergency data platform for emergency central command, emergency response team, and emergency data observers.
  • Supports many data interfaces, facilitating communication with 3rd-party systems.
  • Able to customise emergency command processes and support emergency exercise operations for the nuclear power plant’s emergency response tasks.
  • It is safety, easy to use, highly reliable, and expandable.