Nuclear Power

Centralised Data Processing System / Safety Supervision System (KIT/KPS)

The KIT/KPS system is an important instrument and control system of the nuclear power plant. The system’s main function is to carry out data acquisition and centralised data processing. It is an important monitoring technique used to monitor the operating status of nuclear islands, conventional islands, and auxiliary facilities during normal operations, system maintenance and checks, accidents, and after accidents. The system provides operators and other relevant personnel with different types of information necessary for normal operations, failure diagnosis, and after- failure analysis, completing functions such as the acquiring and processing site switch and analog data, processing alerts, displaying monitoring information, log recording, historical data management, and printing reports.

System Characteristics
  • Instantaneously accepts large volumes of real-time database and processes large volumes of switch signal status changes (avalanche), including alerts, log recording, and historical status records.
  • Data, operating, and event occurrence to display time being ≤2s, and image data update time being ≤1s.
  • Able to acquire switch data at 40ms accuracy and analogue data at 1% accuracy.
  • Self-diagnostic functions.
  • Store and access long-term historical data.
  • Open data connection, and the office is also able to use a similar interface to browse system data.
  • Advanced functions such as providing alert cards, AO/DEC/SPI/SPU procedures, and power monitoring.