Nuclear Power

Since HollySys entered the nuclear power instrument control industry in 1995, it gained the extensive support of nuclear power experts and users, and leveraged on experience in nearly 50 projects to become a renowned nuclear power product supplier and service provider.

Leveraging on its reliable automation platform technology, HollySys has prepared end-to-end nuclear power plant digitisation instrument control system solutions.

Firstly, it provides nuclear power users with customised computer system for nuclear power station development, conventional island DCS control system, BOP instrument control sub-systems, and nuclear safety instrument control systems. Secondly, it can satisfy special project requirements via software and hardware design and development, and help users achieve technological upgrade, digitisation, and improved operation management.

Non-Safety Full Plant Digitisation Instrument Control System (NC-DCS)

Centralised Data Processing System / Safety Supervision System (KIT/KPS)

Test Data Acquisition System / Test Instrument System (KDO/KME)

Containment Vessel Leak Rate Monitoring System (EPP)

Nuclear Power Plant Dedicated Testing System (T1 and T2 Test-Bed Platform)

Computer Emergency Command System (EMInfoSys)

Nuclear Power Plant Full-Scope Simulator Virtual DCS System (FSS)