Nuclear Power Digital Instrument-Control System

Nuclear Power Plant Digital DCS Control System

Since there are many types of nuclear power plants, there are vast differences in function allocation, control logic, and operating procedures. Nuclear power plant digital instrumentation and control systems generally adopt the implementation approach of “platform system + application design”. The platform system is derived abstractly from detailed nuclear power plant application requirements, including system infrastructure, hardware, and software modules, engineering design tools, and basic design library. The main application design work includes function and IO allocation, system configuration, application configuration, system integration, and system testing.

HOLLiAS-FM was applied in the Qinshan Phase I project, and HOLLiAS-SM was applied in the Qinshan Phase III RCW project.

HollySys started to undertake nuclear power plant computer system projects in 1993, and obtained the Qinshan Phase II KIT/KPS and conventional island control system in 1997. In 2007-2011, it obtained supplier contracts for 14 CPR1000 sets of NC digital instrumentation and control system platforms in Hongyanhe and other areas. After 2 decades, its business now covers most operating and under-construction nuclear power plants nationwide.

The HOLLiAS-N digital instrumentation and control system platform released in 2006 and the 3rd generation nuclear power instrumentation and control platform product released by HollySys were successfully applied to the modification of the KIT/KPS system in the Daya Bay nuclear power plant. Nuclear power digital instrumentation and control system projects where implementation is currently in progress include set 1 to 4 in Hongyanhe, set 1 to 4 in Ningde, set 1 to 4 in Yangjiang, and set 1 to 2 in Fangchenggang, and the Shidaowan HTR demonstration plant.

The HOLLiAS-N digital instrumentation and control system platform is the nuclear power industry version of HOLLiAS, HollySys’ established DCS platform for thermal power plants. In terms of hardware, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental adaptability are enhanced, and have an earthquake-resistant reinforced structure. In terms of software, there are additional functions such as the IEC62241-compliant alert system, safety parameter calculations, power plant status judgment and management, equipment status management, online control log, and display of digital procedures.

HOLLiAS-N is a general nuclear power plant DCS platform. It uses application design and engineering application to satisfy requirements for digital instrumentation and control systems by different types of reactors such as 2nd-generation improved pressurised water reactors (PWR), 3rd-generation advanced PWRs, high-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTR), and fast neutron reactors. It can satisfy functions such as nuclear islands, conventional islands, BOP system control, and advanced main control room monitoring operations.