Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China visited HollySys HQ

In order to understand the industry status, advantages and difficulties, understand the national industry development priorities and direction, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology selected Beijing enterprises to conduct research. HollySys as the typical field of intelligent manufacturing enterprise became the focus of this research.

On 15th June 2017, the Ministry of Industry and Technology Division, Director of High Technology Mr. Zhao Ce, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Director of Software and Information Service Mr. Hai Wei, Deputy Director Mr Zhang Lidong and the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Centre and other experts visited HollySys HQ in Beijing for investigation and research. Mr. Shi Hongyuan, (Deputy General Manager of HollySys Group), Mr. Jia Feng, (General Manager of Public Affairs Department), Mr. Lei Zhijun (Chief Operating Officer of Intelligent Company Systems Division) and Mr Li. Tianhui (Technical Director of Business Planning Department) accompanied the visit.

The research team first visited HollySys exhibition hall and Mr. Shi gave a detailed introduction to the company’s main business, corporate culture and railway automation, industrial automation, and pharmaceutical automation research and development achievements in three areas. Subsequently, the research team visited HollySys intelligent manufacturing digital workshop and had a comprehensive understanding of the whole production process.