Nonferrous Metallurgy

Lead Smelting

The most advanced lead smelting process is bottom-blowing lead furnace-smelting, and HollySys is the sole supplier for the control system of the bottom-blowing lead smelting process (SKS) of the China Nonferrous Design Institute. To date, HollySys has implemented over 20 bottom-blowing furnace facilities. HollySys uses the advanced and functionally-stable HOLLiAS MACS DCS hardware for the bottom-blowing facilities. The key aspects are redundant architecture, and low hardware power consumption, facilitating product cooling and boosting the products’ usable lifespan. With high hardware safety, all input and output signals use photoelectric isolation (every module channel is isolated from each other, and the module and field signals are also isolated from each other), largely reducing human-error induced module burnout during the implementation and maintenance process, which lengthens the master facility’s operating duration and reduces unplanned downtime, boosting production efficiency.

Typical Achievements
Compared With Other Automation Control Systems, Hollysys’ DCS Has the Following Prominent Characteristics

  1. Processing capability per system is significantly augmented. Introducing the “domain” concept, in the event of a single domain, the processing capability of MACS shall hit 10,000, and that of the control circuit shall hit 1000. One system can support 8 domains. The lead smelting control system classifies bottom-blowing, waste-heat furnace, and dust removal under one domain, and the control system classifies other processes like the one involving sulfuric acid under another domain. The different networks of the different domains are linked together to achieve remote data transmission and the exchange of data between workshops, facilitating scheduling and data exchange in the whole plant’s control system.
  2. In intensive operations management at system operation level, two layer networks can be double-redundancy 100M-1000M Ethernet, ensuring system safety.
  3. The introduction of data services boosts system stability to realise a global database, allowing MACS systems to have strong data search and management functions.
Zinc Smelting

HollySys has a wealth of zinc smelting experience, where in 2006; it implemented a 100,000 tonne electrolytic zinc facility for Bayannaoer Zijin Non-Ferrous Metal Co., Ltd, and a 100,000 tonne zinc smelting boiling furnace facility in the West Ujimqin Banner. Whether it is the wet method or zinc pyro-metallurgy, HollySys has the successful experience and the qualified engineering capability.

Key zinc smelting control solutions provided by HollySys:

  • Zinc concentrate system control
  • Roaster system control
  • Ball mill control
  • Calcine warehouse control
  • Waste heat boiler control
  • Dust retrieval system control
Aluminum Smelting

HollySys’ DCS system is widely applied in the aluminum oxide control systems and auxiliary systems used by different aluminum oxide companies, such as Eastern Hope Aluminum, Chiping Xinfa Huayu Aluminum Oxides,   Guizhou Guanglu Aluminum Oxide, Weiqiao Aluminum Oxide, Guizhou Qizheng Aluminum Oxide, and Shandong Aluminum Aluminum-Oxide.

Control solutions provided by HollySys:

(1)  Raw material mill DCS automation control system

  • Important inspection parameter display and monitoring for raw material mill.
  • Important equipment interlocking control, system auto start-stop control.
  • Key parameter inspection of the tank’s liquid level, material flow, swirling pressure, slag density, limestone, and metrology.
  • Control circuits include automatic controls such as automatic material feeder, optimisation control, swirler pressure automatic control, slurry pump auto-adjustment, and septic tank level interlock control that require special function calculation modules.

(2)  High pressure dissolution DCS control system

  • Slurry feed rate PID regulation
  • Slurry tank level, temperature, and tightness PID regulation
  • Diaphragm pump system interlock protection system (DP communication with PLC)

(3)  Sedimentation and filtration control DCS control system

  • Thickener monitoring and protection system
  • Flocculant PLC control system and DP communications
  • Red mud filtration and hot water station PID control and regulation system
  • Control filtering automatic regular interlock feeding system

(4)  Seed filtration and decomposition control system

(5)  Evaporation control system

(6)  Product filtering control system

  • lFrequency regulation smooth switching and adjustment
  • lPID regulation of liquor tank, strong filtrate tank, weaker + 1 tank, and weaker + 2 tank

(7)  Roasting control and linkage

  • Induced draft fan trip protection and control system
  • V08 fire protection control linkage
  • Coal gas release valve protection control linkage
  • Horizontal disc filter control chain
  • P02toptemperatureprotection controlchain

Calcium Carbide Smelting

HollySys has a wealth of experience in calcium carbide projects, and has completed in succession air-tight calcium carbide facilities for Ningxia Dadi, Hubei Yihua, Inner Mongolia Erdos, Pingmei Group, Baotou Sea Level, Zhejiang Juhua, Inner Mongolia Yidong, and Wuhai Zhonglian. Calcium carbide furnace plants that have worked with HollySys include Dalian Heavy Industry, Sinosteel Jilin Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, Hohhot Nashun, and Jinzhou Tiancheng.

I. Air-tight calcium carbide furnace control and interlock solution provided by HollySys:

30,000kVA calcium carbide furnace control mainly includes material feed system, ring feeder, hydraulic pressure system, high-pressure system, furnace pressure control, and furnace gas cleaning.

Calcium Carbide Main Screen

(1) Material feeder system control

Every shift of the material feed system requires more than a hundred rounds of feeding, so the automatic feeding becomes a necessary measure to simplify the production operations.

配料系统 Material Feeding System

(2) Liquid compression system control

  • Main system oil pump control
  • Cooling and oil filtering system control
  • Hydraulic oil temperature control
  • Control of oil level in oil tank
  • Electrode control

Hydraulic Oil System

(3) Ring feeder control

(4) Furnace bottom cooling system control

(5) Control of electric butterfly valve for furnace clean gas and smoke chimney and furnace waste gas and smoke chimney

II. Electric furnace control solution provided by HollySys

  • Hydraulic system control and alarm
  • Electrode lifting control is automatically controlled by DCS (using constant current and constant resistance)
  • Electrode pressure release program control
Ferronickel Smelting

There are 2 types of extractable nickel resources in this world, which are sulfide deposits and oxide-ore deposits. A complete ferronickel facility would at least include 6 major process-related facilities which are the drying facilities, rotary kiln, electric furnace, pulverised coal facilities, refinery facilities, and the circulating water system. HollySys can provide automation control solutions for these 6 major process-related facilities.

Typical Achievements

Lead Smelting

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Zinc Smelting

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Copper Smelting

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Aluminum Smelting

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Ferronickel Smelting

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Generation of Acid From Flue Gas

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Carbon Carbide Smelting

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