Pharmaceutical & Biotech

HollySys’ “overall solutions for the computerised pharmaceutical plant” leverages its experience in China and international projects targeting pharmaceutical batch-production practices based on the automation of pharmaceutical production processes. It has independently developed a DCS+BATCH+MES, a manufacturing execution system that combines manufacturing process automation, flexibility with a variable product line, and batch production management that is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. It is the best solution for optimising control, operations and management of pharmaceutical companies.

In 1993, HollySys successfully developed China’s first DCS system, and successfully commenced its usage in the production line of a Kilotonne-capacity penicillin fermentation extraction facility of North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. It had advantages such as speed, accurate material refeed, highly accurate temperature control, and excellent value for money. Thus, it was positively rated by North China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. This was the starting point for the usage of the DCS system by pharmaceutical companies.

With over 2 decades in pharmaceutical manufacturing automation and the building up of experience and technology in computer applications, and the roping in of many experts from the primary production lines of the pharmaceutical industry, HollySys has successfully provided a few hundred professional automation products and overall solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, including bio-fermentation extraction, chemical synthesis pharmaceutical production, concentrated extract of Chinese medicine, clean air-conditioning control, solvent recovery, and statistical power energy metering.

HollySys’ professional engineering implementation services, complete user service system, and full computer-based verification document system CSV, has ensured a maximum reward ratio for users, helping pharmaceutical enterprises establish modern pharmaceutical plants that satisfy GMP requirements.