Constructing a modern intelligent traditional Chinese pharmacy could help to improve the form of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the environment of pharmacy, promote the accuracy and conveniences of dispensing, change the backward condition of labor-dispensing,and achieve a combination of modern science and technology and traditional Chinese medicine. Modern intelligent traditional Chinese pharmacy will play a positive role in the Chinese medicine industry and be a strong push for the modernization, standardization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.

Thanks to the strong R & D capabilities of HollySys Group, HollyCon(one of HollySys subsidiaries) has released a range of medical automation product, including TCMD (Traditional Chinese Medicine Dispenser), Array Hybridizer, Array and other products. HollyCon provides the full range of medical automation solutions, including medicine production automation, medicine hospital pharmacy automation, automated diagnosis and treatment. In medical automation industry, HollyCon aims to help hospitals to constructintelligence and modernization for traditional Chinese pharmacy, so as to meet the much higher requirementsoftraditional Chinese medicine using,solves a tough work for the particularity of traditional Chinese medicine,and brings a higher pharmacy environment and hospital management for people.