MACS-SCADA is a software platform which is applied to developing large scale SCADA Systems. It provides all kinds of infrastructure for general distributed SCADA systems, including RTDB, general HMI, Commanding System, Alarm/Event System, Log System, HTDB, Report and Trend System, Authority System, Redundancy and Diagnosis Mechanism, Time System, etc. The software is based on an open extensible architecture and a set of development tools (SDK) that can support further software development.


MACS-SCADA software platform is elaborately developed by HollySys and proven in practical engineering applications. The platform uses the latest technology available in the software industry to make the system modular, standardized and practical, which is better integrated to monitor software in the aspects of reliability, security and openness.


Multi-Tier Architecture

The MACS SCADA System is a three-level control and monitoring system, which includes the following:


Key Benefits

  • Full-featured SCADA platform for ISCS
  • Supported Industry Open Standards
  • High Performance Dynamic Human Machine Interface
  • Adaptation of multiple software design patterns
  • High reusable abilities for Object-Oriented process

Key Features

  • Multi-master redundancy
  • Object-Oriented Real-time Database (OORTDB)
  • Field devices and subsystem monitoring and supervision
  • Alarm management
  • Analog and digital trending
  • Data historian and archiving
  • Real-time/historical trending
  • SOE (Sequence of Events) support
  • Parameter and event logging
  • User and role assignment
  • Excel report generation