Machinery Equipment

Packaging Machines

Packaging is the final process in commercial production before circulation. The packaging machine incorporates machinery, electricity, light, sound, magnetism, chemistry, biology, and aesthetics into one. It is a high-tech technological product that has high-technology requirements, has high-intelligence, and is highly competitive. Seeking to fulfil the different control requirements of the packaging industry, HollySys is able to provide a full set of professional solutions, with products including HMI, PLC, servo, and converters, which can satisfy the packaging industry such as liquid filling machine, vertical packing machine, moulding machine, and cutting machine.

Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply

The non-negative pressure water supply equipment is modern in the sense that the system directly connects with the running water pipeline in series, and there is no need to build a reservoir. The water supplied to users is kept in an air-tight environment, which avoids secondary contamination of potable water in the water supply process. Furthermore, in the water supply process, this system makes full use of the pressure from running water, whereby conserving a significant amount of energy.

HollySys can provide a full series of control products for the non-negative pressure water supply control system, including PLC, touch-screen monitors, and converters. It can also provide users with personalised solutions, mainly targeting 1 outdoor 2 indoor, 1 outdoor 3 indoor, 1 outdoor 4 indoor, and pump-inclusive systems. The solutions provide clients with self-defined program interfaces, conveniently achieving other special functions, ensuring that the system operates more safely and more reliably.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC)

After many years of research and the accumulation of technological knowledge in the central air conditioning industry, HollySys adopted the standpoint of creating more value for clients. HollySys conducted in-depth research into the process needs of central air conditioning equipment, and hence is able to provide many types of perfect solutions for central air conditioning units. The units involved include air-source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, precision air conditioning, and lithium bromide units. Leveraging on these improved solutions, HollySys strives to ensure the accuracy of the air-conditioning units and also ensures the system is more energy saving and reliable, providing the client not only with an effective air conditioning system, but also boosting the efficiency, convenience, and speed of the client’s production and maintenance.

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