Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1
launches first milestone run

Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1
launches first milestone run

It was a historic run that further proved HollySys’ capability to build a state-of-the-art transit line.

On June 23, 2019, the first phase of the Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 project was open to the public in a move to provide a more convenient and efficient transportation option to commuters.

This is a milestone worth documenting as it is the first rail transit line in China that runs under the Yellow River. It is also the first transit line built by HollySys in Gansu Province that runs through the central city of Lanzhou.

The festive Opening Ceremony was held at the Dongfanghong Square Station and was attended by more than 200 guests including provincial and municipal leaders.

The guest of honor, Mr. Li Rongcan, graced the occasion and officiated the opening ceremony.

Mr. Li is a member of the Standing Committee of Gansu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Lanzhou Municipal Committee.

Chai Jun, deputy general manager of the railway division of Hollysys Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. in Beijing, was present to witness the ceremony that commissioned the first train.

About Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 (First Phrase)

The first phase of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 involves a total of 19 stations, two main substations, one depot, one parking lot and one control center.

As the integrated monitoring system integrator of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1, Hollysys completed the comprehensive monitoring system (ISCS), power monitoring system (PSCADA), environmental and equipment monitoring system (BAS), access control system (ACS) and interval evacuation as well as system supply and commissioning work.

Project Challenges

The project is a product of HollySys’ technical expertise and social commitment.

Due to the challenging geographic location of the subway line, which runs under the Yellow River, the safety risk of this project is extremely high and left little room for error. For example, integrated monitoring system of the transit line is highly complex that resulted in a huge workload for our engineers.

But HollySys was confident that the project will be delivered with the best quality and on target time. This is because the team is composed of highly-trained, professional, and dedicated technical experts. The same team committed to contribute in the goal of building this historic transit line.

HollySys Integrated Monitoring System

As the transit line was built, our engineers regularly carried out system testing, updated the progress of milestones and received high recognition by the end-users involved in the project. Our monitoring system controls a total of 46 major areas including signal, communication, PIS, FAS, AFC, CCTV, access control, and power supply. We covered all the bases to make sure everything run effectively and efficiently.

All these our dedication to deliver what we promise: a transit line that we can all be proud of.

Way forward

With the opening of the Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1, HollySys once again proved that our integration capability is world-class, reliable and trustworthy. HollySys has proven that it is a company that fulfils all key project requirements. HollySys can build a project that truly contributes to the progress of the community.

As we move on to the next phase of the project, HollySys commits to continue to provide the highest quality of service to ensure that operations continue to be safe, convenient and efficient.

We commit to make land travel a pleasant experience in Lanzhou as we fulfill our brand promise of automation that leads to better life.