Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park: HollySys MACS system helps maintain over 2000MW of combined power installed

Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park: HollySys MACS system helps maintain over 2000MW of combined power installed

HollySys MACS System helps maintain over 2000MW of combined power installed in Indonesia

HollySys provides its Distributed Control System and Simulation Training System to Tsingshan Holding Group in Indonesian Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP)  – a complete, economical and reliable control system that consists of software, hardware and instruments.

Project summary

Industry(s): Power Generation, Chemical, Coking, Air Separation
Customer: Tsingshan Holding Group
Products: DCS (SM, K), DEH (T800), ETS (LM PLC), Instrument, HAMS
Site Location:  Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

About IMIP

The Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park(IMIP) is located in Morowali, Central Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. It has a total planned area of ​​more than 2,000 hectares and has formed an annual output amounting to 1.8 million tons of ferronickel, 300,000 tons of ferrochrome, 3 million tons of stainless steel hot rolled coil, and a combined installed power generation capacity exceeding 2,000 MW.

The Scope

Since its early developments, all the power generators in the industrial park have been controlled by HollySys MACS system. HollySys has supported the industrial park’s gradual power output requirements, from a small diesel engine power generation to the present automated large-scale coal-fired power generation.

The Solution

We started off by providing our large-scale integrated control system (MACS system) in 2 × 65MW power plants,  including Distributed Control system (DCS) for boiler, steam turbine and electrical control, Steam Turbine Digital Electro-Hydraulic Control (DEH) and Turbine Emergency Trip System (ETS) for steam turbine speed control/protection, and Assets Management System (AMS) for field instruments. Since then, we have expanded our control system to include 1 x 7MW waste heat generator set, 2 x 25MW waste heat generator sets, 4 x 65MW coal-fired generator sets, 2 x 100MW coal-fired generator sets, 2 x 150MW coal-fired Generator set, 1 x 250MW coal-fired generator set, and 4 x 350MW coal-fired generator sets.

(Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

HollySys  also provided our Simulation Training System (OTS) to 65MW, 150MW and 350MW power plants. The solution was to provide opportunities for operators to familiarize themselves with the DCS screen and process flow, operation interface, and most importantly the accident exception handling and drills so that they will have the confidence to manage similar real-life scenarios.

(Photo: HollySys Asia Pacific)

With the continuous expansion and development of the industrial park, HollySys is gradually widening our automation solution capabilities from power plants to coal transportation at terminals, sulfuric acid preparation and storage, coking, and air separation.