Inauguration of International Alliance of Intelligent Factory Industry Chain with Hollysys and Alliance Partners.

On 8 July 2018, Hollysys takes a step forward with China’s “One-Belt One-Road” Vision working closely with Alliance Partners and China’s Government Representative.

This summit involves various high-level participants that include:

  • Sino-African Capacity Cooperation Funds
  • China Export & Credit Insurance Corporations
  • Institute of Integrated Technology for Economy Mechanical Industrial Instrument & Control
  • National Development Reform Commission International Cooperation Centre (NDRC ICC)
  • EPC Representative
  • Foreign Ambassador from Europe, Asia-Pacific & Africa

International Alliance Partners

  • Singapore-China Business Association
  • Singapore Manufacturing Federation
  • Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China-Guangdong
  • China Construction Development Co Pte Ltd
  • Sinopec Group
  • China General Nuclear Power Group
  • Gammon Construction
  • Ultimate Component
  • Willowglen
  • Singapore Channel

The summit concluded with establishing strategic cooperation with different alliance partners ready to commit and move towards bringing industrial change and bringing the world closer the vision.