HollySys’s efforts to combat COVID-19 epidemic

HollySys’s efforts to combat COVID-19 epidemic

HollySys’s efforts to combat COVID-19 epidemic

HollySys has been at the forefront in supporting the effort to combat Covid19 through our subsidiary, HollyCon, with mass deployment of our Nucleic Acid Extraction equipment to hospitals, clinics and diagnostic laboratories across China.


About HollySys Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor Equipment

Mainly used to extract and purify nucleic acids from biological samples (animal/plant tissues, bacteria and microorganisms), through the mixing of liquid and the collection and transfer of magnetic beads.  The equipment has the function of active heating and cooling, which can be activated at the same time, and able to extract up to 32 samples from blood, plasma, saliva, oral swabs, viruses.  It is also compatible with the kits of major reagent manufacturers.


AE 2100 Automatic Extractor


AE 2110 Automatic Extractor


AE 2200 Automatic Extraction Workstation


When the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan occurred in Jan 2020, HollySys was approached by various vendors to help fill the emergency supply for our Nucleic Acid Extraction equipment, which is use for the diagnostic of the Covid19 virus strains. To meet this sudden influx of demand, our production lines in Beijing went into overtime as our team rushed to assemble the equipment under such extraordinary circumstances.


HollySys is committed to fulfill our social responsibilities within the communities that we operate in.  We will like to thank our Beijing employee for their selfless sacrifices to forgo their holidays and ensure that we fulfill our obligations to our customers.

With the success of flattening the COVID-19 curve within China, we are confident that our products can benefit other countries that are facing a shortage of medical devices. We are please to announce that HollySys is ready to start distributing our equipment to anywhere around the world.


Contact Us

We are currently seeking for distributors to market the devices to local markets, if you are interested, please write in to us at sales_international@hollysys.com.