HollySys Wins Product of the Year Award

HollySys Wins Product of the Year Award

HollySys Wins Product of the Year Award

On 18th of September 2019, HolliCube Digital Factory Operating System by HollySys was awarded Product of The Year in the annual Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit held in Shanghai.

The summit brings together the world’s leading industrial automation (IA) manufacturers and industry experts to discuss the path and future of enterprise digital transformation in the field of industrial automation.

The summit was co-sponsored by internationally renowned industrial automation media platform – CONTROL ENGINEERING. Our China Marketing Manager, Mr. Liu Wen Jie (2nd from right) was present to receive the award on behalf of HollySys.

About the Award

CONTROL ENGINEERING China conducted a poll among their subscribers to nominate the most outstanding products from a field of hundreds of new industrial control, automation, and instrumentations.

We are proud to announce that HolliCube Digital Factory Operating System emerged as one of the winners.

About HolliCube

HolliCube is an open industrial internet PaaS platform based on HollySys’s 20 years of industrial automation experience in factory process automation (http://www.hollicube.com)

About HolliCube Digital Factory Operation System

HolliCube digital factory operating system is developed by Hollysys to provide industrial enterprises with an industry-standard, data integration and application development environment and tools to support end-to-end data collection with various industrial application scenarios.

Modelling, management, analysis, and optimization operations support rapid, high-quality development, testing, and deployment of industrial applications reducing cost and efficiency for industrial companies, and enabling data-driven operations and business model innovation.

The platform features a three-tier architecture design:

    • The first is HolliCube-EDGE, which has the function connecting various industrial field devices, supporting multiple physical connection methods and multiple network protocols, and transmitting field data to the cloud. At the same time, it also has the functions of integrating network, computing, storage, and application core capabilities at the edge of the network or near the data source to realize data collection, control, analysis and optimization on the field side, and reduce the time of data transmission to and from the cloud. With resource overhead.
    • The second is HolliCube-PaaS, the industrial PaaS that provides a set of visual application development tools and configuration tools for industry-specific application development. At the same time, it provides a set of operational management tools for platform operators, greatly reducing operational and management costs.
    • The third is HolliCube-APP, the industrial SaaS for applications such as equipment cloud for equipment manufacturers, cloud applications for robot management and operational excellence in factory production processes.