HollySys Wins Large-Scale Chemical MAV Contract in China

At 12th Sep. 2014, Hangzhou HollySys signed a Main Automation Vendor (MAV)contract with China Pingmei Shenma Energy & Chemical Group. It’s a large scale chemical plant project for 250,000-t/a Adipic Acid and 200,000-t/a Caprolactam, which is the first combined unit of adipic acid and caprolactam, also the largest per unit production in China. The contract includes adipic acid, cyclohexanol, cyclohexanol dehydrogenation, 2# and 1# cycle water, 2*25MW steam turbine, 2*260 tons of boiler turbine unit. Products involve in DCS, DEH, ETS, SIS, the whole plant MES, OTS and large monitoring system. The project includes more than 19,000 points, 55 operation stations, 25 field control stations, 3 SIS control stations, and 81 control cabinets.

HollySys got the highest scores in technology and total in biding, even though has no price advantage. Customer and experts evaluated HollySys’ comprehensive abilities in technologies, products, engineering and service team, acknowledged that HollySys is fully qualified for the MAV project according the following advantages:

  • HollySys provides the optimum integrated solution, particularly the MACS-K DCS Anti high voltage and other safety concepts.
  • HollySys has lots of track records in MAV projects.
  • HollySys has a trusted engineering team with rich experience in MAV project.
  • HollySys has complete product line of DCS, SIS, DEH, ETS, ITCC, MES, OTS and so on, which can be seamlessly integrated easily.