HollySys Wins 2X800MW Thermal Power Plant DCS Contract in China

At 29th Sep. 2014, HollySys announced that successfully signed the contract to provide its proprietary Distributed Control System (“DCS”) for 2×800MW power generating units in Liaoning Suizhong Power Plant (Suizhong Power Plant) for its DCS reconstruction.

Suizhong Power Plant was launched into operation in 2000, and it was the largest thermal power plant in Asia at that time and was initially equipped with a foreign player’s control technology. This project has complex controlling requirements with 36,000 controlling points, and it can be ranked as one of the largest and most complex DCS reconstruction project in coal fire power industry in China.

Under the competition with well-known multinational competitors, HollySys quickly formed the total solution plan for the DCS reconstruction for Suizhong Power Plant and they were satisfied with the Company’s overall performance. HollySys won the contract through its advanced technology, industry expertise, solution capabilities and continuing effort through teamwork. This is a significant breakthrough for HollySys in DCS reconstruction sector in the GW level power plant.

Brown Coal Power Station At Night