HollySys Wins 2X1000MW Power Plant DCS Contract in China

At 18th Sep. 2014, HollySys announced that successfully won the bidding to provide its proprietary Distributed Control System (“DCS”) combined process fieldbus communication technology (“ProfiBus”) for 2×1000MW power generating units to Guangdong Yuedian Bohe Power Plant (Bohe Power Plant).

Hollysys is the only qualified local provider bidding for two GW(1000MW) level generating units of Bohe Power Plant to provide ProfiBus technology, competing with globally well-known automation companies. After two years of hard work to prepare for the bidding and after four days and six rounds of answering questions, Hollysys finally won the bidding. This is another significant breakthrough after winning the Hongshan Power Plant contract for Hollysys in the GW level power plant industry which is adopting ProfiBus technology together with its high-end DCS.