HollySys was invited to participate in the “2017 Beijing-Tianjin Hebei-Large Data Innovation Application Forum”

On 18th May 2017, HollySys was invited to participate in the “2017 Beijing Tianjin Hebei Large Data Innovation Application Forum” held at Langfang Beijing Tianjin Hebei Large Data Application Perception Experience Center. HollySys as one of the outstanding provider in the intelligent manufacturing field was invited to participate in the “Beijing Tianjin Hebei Large Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone” major project construction hall of the program show, and HollySys technical expert also gave the keynote speech during the show.

HollySys’s Industrial Cloud Platform (HiaCloud) with intelligent manufacturing excellent solutions became the first to participate in the enterprise. HiaCloud is based on the advantages of its own automation background, located in the enterprise-oriented enterprise-level cloud platform (factory cloud, production cloud), fully utilize the value of data fusion. HiaCloud includes industrial gateways, industrial PaaS and industrial SaaS, the core is a SoS-level CPS platform – iPaaS (Industrial PaaS, Industrial PaaS). IPaaS includes basic services such as basic data acquisition, data storage, batch computing, and flow computing, providing models, data, analysis, operations and security services for industrial system applications, and application development tools and modeling tools for rapid industrial applications.

Beijing HollySys, Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Technical Director Gong Tao in the forum speech.