HollySys successfully signed a contract with Shanxi Guohua Jinjie Power Plant #3 and #4 Unit (2 × 600MW) DCS System MACS-K Upgrading Projects

On 14th July 2016, HollySys successfully signed a contract with Shanxi Guohua Jinjie Power Plant #3 and #4 Unit (2 × 600MW) DCS System MACS-K Upgrading Projects and has achieved outstanding power performance.

Under the guidance of the leaders from HollySys Group and Hangzhou HollySys, Hangzhou Thermal Power Sales Manager Li Junjie Manpower Planning and keep track of the operation of the project, Thermal Power Industry Engineering Director Chen Jianping, Project Design Unit Hu Zhenya, Thermal Power Project Manager Xu River Xiang, Service Management Unit Wang Jindong, Supply Chain Management Centre Manufacturing Renhao Peng and other colleagues actively discuss and exchange ideas on technical issues and help to resolve the user’s questions and concerns. The entire team of all aspects give its full cooperation and HollySys eventually won the full affirmation of customers and evaluation committee, successfully won the bid and signed the contract for Jinjie Power Plant #3 #4 Unit (2 × 600MW) DCS System MACS-K Upgrading Projects.

Shanxi Guohua Jinjie Power Plant 4 × 600MW Unit, is the focus of one power plant project of Shenhua Group, Shenhua Group ranked first for overall profitability. Early this year, HollySys at Jinjie’s first Power Plant 600MW units will be HollySys’s benchmarking project, started operation in 2006, using MACS-S System. After more than 10 years of ups and down, Jinjie Power Plant also witnessed the growth of HollySys, this project did not have any no major accident occurred in the systems during the 10 years and received praise and recognition from the customers.

During the transformation, the cabinet did not move while maintaining the premise of the system software upgrade to MACS V6, hardware upgrade to the SM series K hardware, and the cabinet consists of the existing structure to K SM structure. This project is HollySys’s first 300MW units over a wide range of demonstration projects and upgrade, and it played a benchmark role to promote the transformation of other thermal power projects and ride towards a new peak.