HollySys successfully signed a contract to provide DCS for 2x1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fire power generating units to Fujian Luoyuanwan Power Plant

On 20th August 2016, HollySys successfully signed a contract to provide its proprietary Distributed Control System (DCS) for 2x1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fire power generating units to Fujian Luoyuanwan Power Plant. The project is located in Fuzhou Lianjiang was co-funded and constructed by the Shenhua Group and Fujian Province, and the National Energy Board will determined the energy-saving demonstration key projects.

The significance of this demonstration project is reflected in:

  • The project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, it is determined to meet the national energy policies of the demonstration project, expected to be completed after the Fujian demand growth to meet the needs and improve the province’s power structure, can provide support for the Fuzhou power grid and improve reliability.
  • The project uses the host and auxiliary control integrated control system, the whole plant of fieldbus control technology, is one of the turbine control system large-scale applications million kilowatts domestic high-end fire.
  • The project to set start and stop the unit from the control system (APS), in accordance with the level of automation unit level, group-level functions, sub-functions and the driver stage four group level architecture design , enabling automatic start or stop the generator set. The project is scheduled for late February 2017 to complete the delivery.

HollySys Group and Hangzhou HollySys leaders has given high value and importance to the project, Jian Cailin Senior Sales Manager of Hangzhou HollySys Thermal Power Plant Unit, plan and coordinate the project to keep track of the operation, Li Weibing, Technical Support Engineer, written in completion of outstanding bidding scheme. The entire team has put in efforts in all aspects and HollySys has shown the excellent technical strength and competitiveness, and ultimately won the affirmation of the bid evaluations committee, successfully signed a contract to provide its proprietary Distributed Control System (DCS) for 2x1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fire power generating units to Fujian Luoyuanwan Power Plant.

HollySys’ management commented: “We feel honoured and pleasant of winning the contract, which reflects the customer’s recognition of our leading technology, superior solution and high quality product and service. This is another GW level ultra-supercritical power plant DCS contract win by HollySys, which strengthened our top place in power industry market share. Going forward, we will continue to penetrate the high-end market of power industry and other industries, strengthen customer service, improve the ability of turnkey solution customization, promote our long term DCS business growth, and create value for our customers and shareholders.”

Source: http://hollysys.investorroom.com